Being Ball-less is no longer an excuse

Introducting Buballs

(pronounced "bubbles")

Do you know someone who needs a back-up set of balls?

With Buballs, we help people from all walks of life to solve the age-old need of having a full set of balls when needed. Buballs serve as a reminder tom stand up to life’s challenges and do what’s right.

Ask yourself: when’s the last time you really had the balls to do something different, maybe even life-changing?

Buballs are delicately packed for safe keeping in a soft sack, placed on a cushion and housed in a plastic jar for easy storage and access.

Of course, BuBalls are just so darn cute, you might just want a set for yourself, a special or not so special friend for a chuckle, companionship or whatever you might think of!

How big do you, a friend, or a foe, need them?

Individually packed fun-sized or regular-sized testicles, each nestled in its own soft pouch, supported by a pillow for cushiness and pampering, enclosed in a stay fresh jar for safekeeping and discrete display.

Regular-sized approximately 4.00” diameter, made of 100% rubber Fun-sized approximately 1.75” diameter, made of 100% rubber







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